Our Story

She, a graduate of a top Chinese university with years of experience as a high-ranking executive in a multinational corporation, had a bright future ahead. However, in order to provide better care for her children, she chose to become a full-time mother. Every day, her primary concerns were how to create nutritious yet appealing meals for her children and how to dress them in a way that was both stylish and in line with their tastes. Amid the busy routine, as her children grew older, she found herself with more free time and suddenly realized that she was no longer the high-powered corporate executive who could command attention with a word. Instead, she became a middle-aged woman occupied with household tasks, and she fell into a bout of self-doubt about her self-worth.


To break free from her depressive state, she immediately threw herself into the job search frenzy. She spent her days browsing various job websites, writing resumes, and submitting applications. She initially aimed to secure a position similar to her previous role but later lowered her expectations to ordinary positions, yet responses remained scarce. She knew she used to be so outstanding – what had changed? During her job search, she also encountered other "super moms" with similar experiences. Some were certified accountants, some held CPIM certificates, and others had won international design awards. They, too, faced subtle discrimination in job listings – requirements were uniformly skewed toward candidates under 35, with the most lenient extending to 40. What's even more perplexing was that many job listings, though not explicitly stated, led to polite rejections upon identifying female applicants. In the end, she joined forces with other moms who had faced similar challenges to create QianSiShun, a digital expert in wig services.


"My partners and I aren't afraid of any challenges. We started this business not to prove how amazing we are but to prove that stay-at-home moms can also carve out their own space and realize their value. We want to help more mature women struggling to find employment return to the workforce successfully. We want them to be self-reliant while also having the time to care for their children and families."


Entrepreneurship involves countless details, and she had to be involved in every aspect and make important decisions. How should the website be designed? How should the website be structured? How can we market our services effectively? Every evening, she found herself engrossed in thinking about various aspects of the company, so much so that she even forgot to squeeze toothpaste while brushing her teeth. Despite the hard work and unwavering perseverance, the entrepreneurial journey was still full of difficulties and twists – financial constraints, employee turnover, and more. "Starting a business is tough, it's agonizing, but as long as you have faith and determination, these problems will be solved. Don't be discouraged by difficulties; believe that there are more solutions than challenges, and the sunshine always comes after the rain."


"Only through perseverance can you see real results. Staying true to your initial intentions, continuously striving forward, that's my lifelong commitment to myself!" she concluded with a smile.